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Women's Cashmere Festival sells thousands of pieces to "take advantage of" early



Last Friday, the 4th "Winter Cashmere Festival" was officially started by the Metropolis Women's Daily, jointly organized by Inner Mongolia Rongheng and Naga Gula Cashmere. The reporter saw at the scene that it was less than 8 o'clock. The entrance to the exhibition hall on the third floor of the Yongzheng Building was already crowded with people who came to snap up quality cashmere sweaters. It has been learned that since the activity began a few days ago, the lively and interesting buying scenes have taken place alternately, and some models are about to be out of stock.
Too affordable for people to call "buy buy buy"

Click here to check the price of cashmere sweaters of 198 yuan, 298 yuan, 368 yuan... This price, in the city's fourth "winter cashmere festival" can buy a 100% pure Cashmere Sweater news, caused in the citizens Great response. Such a low price can buy a fine cashmere sweater from Ordos, where many people call it “too affordable to buy and buy.”
It is reported that at the time of the Women’s Cashmere Festival, the cashmere shirt with original price of 1980 yuan is sold for only 198 yuan, and the cashmere trousers with the original price of 526 yuan are sold for only 98 yuan. A 1 fold fold of an enamel velvet coat and a 2.5-fold ceiling on the entire field. Activities from the 11th so far, has sold a thousand pieces of cashmere products. Such a big discount will last until the 20th, and readers who want to “take advantage of” will have to wait as soon as possible.
If you want to send warmth to your family, come to Women’s Cashmere Festival

Click to immediately check the price of cashmere sweater "is pure cashmere, why the price is so low?" "Origin is really Ordos?" Many people come to buy this question raised. The reason for the low price is that the Metropolitan Women's Daily has successfully cooperated with Rongheng for three consecutive years. This year, manufacturers will give priority to supplying more new high-quality cashmere products to Jinan. The manufacturers will directly supply the profits of the middlemen to the consumers. The price is close to the local purchase price, and consumers will be able to obtain real benefits.
"I need these six pieces first. I will bring my sisters the next day!" "I haven't seen one on the first day. Do you still have replenishment? Come tomorrow and look over with your colleagues!" After the fourth “Winter Cashmere Festival” began, similar telephone and on-site consultation scenes continued, and the cashmere festival venue was almost transformed into a “wholesale market.” The people who originally went to the scene to see the scene, basically bought two The three were left, especially some of the special funds, have sold out of stock, at the same time the reporter learned that the manufacturers can not replenish.

Cold weather, want to express love for the family, went to the women's cashmere cashmere to buy pure cashmere sweater, cheap, fidelity, warmth!

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